Monday, January 17, 2011

Creating Boundaries

It's inevitable, we all have boundary issues. I am just counting my blessing that the boundary in question is fixable! It's the back fence: the wood is soft, it moves when you lean against it, and it's too short for our large and athletic dogs.

They'll jump that thing in a heartbeat, especially devil dog! So our first order of business once we move is to make the fence doggy proof. It's got to be high enough that the pups can't clear it, but we don't want to block our awesome view from the backyard.

So we are thinking 4 feet of solid fencing, and then something airier and more open for the last 2 feet. Here's what we are leaning towards so far.

Oh, did I mention that I like fences with horizontal planks instead of vertical? Surprisingly, Ryan is right there with me.

I like the variation in plank height in this one above. And in the one below we both like the open caging at the top. Only we would get rid of the geometric pattern and just leave it open, but not so open that a 100 pound Ridgeback can worm her way through.

Check out these fence accessories that I found as I was trolling through, where all the above pics hail from.

I swear the doggies need that lookout bubble! Too cute. Azlan especially would be entertained all day with the neighborhood watch. And I love the idea of pots that can sit right on the fence. It's like a modern planter box, but much cooler, and it would be so easy to change up what gets planted where. The fun colors and reasonable cost ($28 bucks a pop) help too. 

So now it's your turn to weigh in on the great fence debate. How do you feel about horizontal planks? What should be do for the last 2 feet of the fence? 

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  1. The lookout bubble is hilarious. Perfect for frightening kitties on the other side of the fence. The horizontal planks looks really cool, too.