Thursday, January 20, 2011

Light My Fire

You may have noticed a certain bright blue candle lurking in the corner of my mantel post from yesterday.

Or maybe not. (Here's when I wish I knew Photoshop so I could draw in a giant arrow pointing right to it.)

I am obsessed with Capri Blue candles from - where else but? - Anthropologie. My absolute favorite is the Volcano scent.

It's a light combination of citrus and floral that builds as it burns, but is never too heady or overpowering. People always remark that our house smells so good whenever we have one burning, which says a lot since Ridgebacks are known for their odoriferous flatulence. (It just sounds less crass when you use big words.)

For awhile, they just offered the Volcano scent in a blue or red glass jar. But recently they have been branching out and now offer more scents in different kinds of containers.

We have the Island Orchid in our bedroom. It smells just like Hawaii and makes me want to book a flight back ASAP every time I walk by it. Has it really only been six months? Is it summer yet?

They also have an African Jasmine that I have yet to smell, but I love the coral glass.

And check out the cool mercury glass, which is definitely a hot trend right now, and the stamped glass look of the last one.

At 28 bucks a pop, they are more expensive than the candles from Tar-jay, but they burn three to four times as long. Trust me, these babies last forever! And did I mention they make great gifts for the gal that has everything?

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