Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Cards

For a few years I have wanted to send out holiday cards. One year I even went as far as to buy a bunch on sale the day after Christmas, but I never sent them out. The first year it was because my now-husband and I were not yet married, and a proper Southern friend of ours told us it went against etiquette to send out holiday cards together. The next year I was in grad school (even though we were finally married and it would have been appropriate to send out cards together), and after that I was a first year teacher. Enough said.

But this year I had no excuses, so I ordered some props on Amazon and held a little photo shoot in the backyard. Behold! 

My two Rhodesian Ridgebacks were the reluctant models for my creative vision. Azlan, my momma's boy, is the angel on left; and Zoe, my demonically possessed girl, is the devil on the right. 

After the "photo shoot," I had to find the perfect card to accompany my silly photo. I knew I wanted it to say something about being naughty and nice. I searched high and low, and found many lovely options, but they either needed customization or were out of my price range. So I ended up going with the following card from Shutterfly

In retrospect, I wish Azlan and Zoe could have traded places so my devilish girl was above the "naughty" and my angelic boy above the "nice," but I still think it turned out well. 

What holiday cards are you sending out this year? Have you ever made your pets dress up or play model? 

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