Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current Casa: Bathroom

This room might just be my favorite room of the house because it is the most finished. It's also light and bright, and the soothing colors work together well.

Here's the view from the door. The curtains are no-sew curtains that I made using Young House Love's tutorial. The fabric is from Waverly's Sun N Shade Line, an indoor/outdoor line of fabrics that I thought would stand up well to a moisture-rich room like the bathroom. The pattern is Lovely Lattice in Lagoon. It truly lives up to its name!

And below is the view of the vanity, which we scored from one of the hub's former jobs. It replaced a hideous dark brown vanity that had some kind of weird faux brown marble countertop. Ick. I was so grossed out at the time that I didn't take any "before" pics, but now I wish I had.

We also re-tiled with cream porcelain tiles and grey grout. The tiles look great for about a day after the bathroom gets clean, but they get dirty quick. I am not sure if we would go this route again. I would and will do the baseboard again. It really makes the room feel finished.

The towels are Thomas O'Brien's Vintage Modern line for Target, and the soap pump hails from Tar-jay as well. To the left of the soap pump is an abalone shell that I use to hold hair ties, tweezers, etc. Weird, but it works for us.

The shower curtain is a Marimekko print that we got from Crate and Barrel years ago on clearance. I absolutely love it and am sad that we will have to pack it away - for at least a little while - till we can do something about our sliding shower doors in the new house.

Above the toilet is some art.

The top print comes from Michelle Brusegaard's etsy shop. She designed our wedding invites. I love them so much that I periodically drop in on her shop to see what is new, which is how I found this picture of birds on a wire, called "Pretty Birds." I adore the parallel lines cutting across the picture plane, the color scheme, and how it all plays off of the more curvy lines of the print below, cut from a Snow and Graham calendar from years past. (Please excuse the art historian in me.)

And this is decidedly not glam, but on top of our toilet tank sits a silver hammered tray with shells collected from vacations, a cute matchbox, and a scented candle.

This bathroom is so much more spacious and airy than our new baƱos that it will be sorely missed. But I imagine that there is nothing quite like having two of them! I'll get back to you in a couple weeks on that one...

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