Friday, January 28, 2011

Current Casa: Kitchen

Forgive me for forgoing Fashion Friday this week. I wanted to continue the home tour with the kitchen. Unlike the baño, the kitchen is the room we did the least to because it was in the best shape when we moved in. 

 We did add these stainless open shelves from Ikea.

And this dishwasher, which has been a marriage-saver. You can catch a glimpse of it on the left in the pic below.

We did have some big plans for it that never came to fruition, as you can see from the paint swatches on the wall. Only we never quite pinned down the perfect paint color... We had also wanted to replace the disgusting linoleum and we talked about repainting the cabinets. There was just too much white everywhere for our taste, and that floor! Don't even get me started.

But someone else will have to give this kitchen an overhaul. As it turns out, we have another stuck in the 70's kitchen calling our name. More on that to come...

What about you? Is there a room makeover just calling your name that you haven't gotten to yet? Or is it just us?

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