Monday, January 24, 2011

Couching the Issue

I have a couch conundrum. I love our green velvet sofa in our current living room.

It works so well with the ochre walls, the warm wood furniture, and other pops of black, white, green, and orange. The burnished color reads almost as a neutral, really warming up the light-filled space. (Not that you can tell from my crappy photos. Looks like a new camera needs to be added to the wish list.)

However, in our new casa, whatever color we paint the walls in our living area will essentially carry through three pretty sizable rooms: the kitchen, dining room, and living room. And I think that my beloved ochre - Marblehead Gold by Benjamin Moore - will be a bit too much in so large a space.

So the question is: What wall color should we use to complement the green sofa? We are thinking that a neutral - specifically a muddy greige - will work in our large and lofty living area, without competing with the sofa.

Making It Lovely totally validated the present color scheme here:

Notice the warm wood furniture, rich ochre color of the bedding and the art, and accents in black and white.

And luckily for me, they also confirmed that my emerging color scheme is heading in the right direction here:

The warm grey is a bit darker than I imagined, but is definitely in the same color family. And even though Marblehead Gold won't be the star of the show anymore, she can still play a supporting role. I envision her grounding the room in the form of a bold, geometric patterned rug like this one from from Garnet Hill in Yellow.

And just for fun, here's some more eye candy featuring green sofas: 

The first pic is for Better Homes and Gardens' October issue. (Sorry for the grainy quality. My scanner sucks. Guess that needs to be added to the list too.) And I believe the second pic is from Rue, or maybe Lonny.

What are your thoughts? Am I headed in the right direction?

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