Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weeks 20-22

Hmmm...this was supposed to go up on Wednesday, but either Blogger or I messed up. So here it is a little late.

I am nesting. Big time. I think what's happening around here could qualify as some kind of neurosis. I want to get rid of/paint/organize/style everything my eyes fall upon. So even though I have been super busy with projects around the house - like finally painting the living room! - I haven't stopped to take any pictures or write any posts because I am already off -- and on to the next surface/pile/room that is begging for my attention. While part of me wants to slow down, the other part wants to capitalize on all this energy and motivation while it lasts. Surely, it can only be fleeting, especially as I get bigger and my mobility gets more and more limited.

Speaking of which, here are some belly pics from weeks 20-22.

Week 20 fell on Christmas Eve, the day after we found out that we would be having one of each!

Week 21 was New Year's Eve. Don't I look festive in my uggs and cozy sweater. Yep, it was a chill night of feasting, family, and friends around the house. The best.

And here I am this week.

That poncho sweater (from Anthropologie but not online) is really working for me. It minimizes the bump... and the booty, which I think is in competition with the belly these days! Oh, and it's so cozy. Can I wear it everyday please?

The last few weeks have been good ones. My energy is still up, even as my mobility is starting to be limited by a lot of pressure, especially when moving from sitting/lying to standing. But it's all worth it, because now I can feel my little guy and gal really kicking up their heels and pumping their fists. I hope Ryan will be able to feel them soon too. It's starting to feel real... sometimes a little too real. (I'll spare you the gory details.)

If I can get home before it gets dark, I'll snap some pics of the living room. The color is perfection!