Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confessions of a Bad Bride

I have a confession to make: we only have one picture from our wedding printed and framed in our home, and it was taken by my dad, not our photographer. It's not because we don't want pictures. We do. And in our defense, we actually placed an order with a local camera shop, which they promptly lost. It took us so long to decide which pics and what sizes we wanted that we haven't had the motivation to sit down again and try to recreate our original order.

But one thing we have done is create some meaningful artwork out of our wedding vows.

The heart in the middle has our names, our wedding venue, and the date. (Yes, our wedding was two and a half years ago and we still haven't ordered photos! I know, I know...) Around the heart are our wedding vows, including the Apache Wedding Blessing that concluded the ceremony and inspired our choice for my processional, Ray LaMontagne's "Shelter." We both love the sweet reminder of the promises we made to each other in front of our loved ones - especially on those days when we try each other's patience.

In fact, we adore ours so much that we ordered one for our newlywed friends Lianna and Ethan from MySweetPrints' shop on (Janette has lots of other lovely personalized prints and was a pleasure to work with, so please check her shop out!) Their ceremony was extra-special since it was written and officiated by our friend Jenny, so I thought the print would be even more meaningful for them.

But I digress. The light blue background complements our blue-grey walls (which look greenish in the photo), and the barn wood frame helps it from being too precious. The frame (from Michael's) complements the other art we have on our mantel.

It's a nude print by she hit pause studios that I became enamored of when I first saw it on Gilt Groupe. Luckily, I was able to score it on the she hit pause studio's Esty site for less than half the cost. The ethereal and moody nude is the yin to our wedding vow's yang. Gotta have some sweet and sultry in our master bedroom, right?

The good news is that all the mantel art and decor will find a new home on our currently hideous bedroom mantel, where I hope it will make that fireplace fade into the background.

What have you done with your wedding vows? Oh, and how long did it take you to order your wedding photos? (Please make me feel like less of a slacker here!)

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  1. I love the wedding vow idea! What a sweet way to stay in touch with your aspirations for your marriage, and to share it with people who weren't there.