Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All In The Name of Progress

Things are clipping right along over here as we approach closing, so I thought it was time that I give an update on our progress.

We close in 10 days! Whew, a 25 day escrow sure does move fast! We passed all of the inspections - home, water, city, soil - as of last week. And the terrific news is that the house appraised at well over our accepted offer amount. So even though it feels like we will be in the red in ten days, really we will be in the black. Gotta remind myself of that when we starting writing out those mortgage payments.

Should the picture, courtesy of http://montrealrealestateblog.com/understanding-the-home-appraisal-process/, be the other way around?

We will be signing the papers with the title company at the end of this week, the property should be recorded by the middle of next week, and we can pick up the keys on Friday. Craziness! Just to add an extra layer of insanity, I will be in Southern California at a conference on the day we close, so the hubs is going to have to get keys.

That weekend, while all of you are doing this:


We will be doing this:

Image courtesy of Habitat for Humanity
Only picture Ryan and I.

Once the yard is ready to handle 200 pounds of fur and wagging tails we can move in. We are shooting for the weekend of the 12th. I don't know how the stars aligned for this one, but our slated moving weekend AND the following weekend are three day weekends for me. Thank you, dead presidents!

In packing news, I have three pretty sizable boxes packed. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it is all the kitchen items we won't need in the next three weeks, as well as all our china and about half our stemware. I was hoping to be farther along by this point, but meh, what can you do? I gotta keep my day job. I'll try to update with some pictures of our dining room where all the packing is going down. It looks like a tornado hit!

Lastly, our little rental has found new people to house. I am so happy that our first casa together has a new couple to love it as much as we did in our six + years here. And so the cycle continues...

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