Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I'm back with some resolutions for 2011. In reality, they are more projects that I would like to accomplish before the dawn of 2012 than resolutions. Without further ado...

  • Find our *dream* home (something with good bones that needs to be brought into this century would be ideal)
  • Post 5 times a week to this baby! 
  • Learn to refinish furniture...
  • And then actually refinish our lovely mid-century modern furniture
  • Purge (and then donate or sell) things that we don't use or need
  • Re-learn how to sew
More personal resolutions are to find the ever-elusive work/life balance, buy produce and meats from our local farmer's market more regularly, make exercise a priority during the work week (notice that I am too wimpy to declare that I will exercise at 5 am before work, which would ensure this actually happening), and train for the 10.6 mile run that I signed up for in the late spring. 

I think the above should keep me busy this year! How about you? What do you hope to accomplish in 2011?

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