Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Visions of Spring Dance In My Head

I realize that this blog has been woefully short on fashion, and I think that's because this cold and rainy time of year leaves me feeling pretty uninspired in that department. As the sun came out of hiding yesterday and the temperature slid up by about 10 degrees, I found myself craving spring and all the inspiring colors and fashions that come with that season. And I guess the gals at Rue did too, because their blog today is devoted to spring palettes for fashion and decor.

Their muse? The spring 2011 J.Crew line. J.Crew is one of my favorites; I love their sweaters, tops, and dresses especially, and I love that their clothes work for both school and my life outside the classroom.

Here's what I am loving about this pic: the bold yellow. Nothing says spring to me like a sunny yellow, and this is a color I'm particularly drawn to, as anyone who has seen my living room can attest to. I love how both J.Crew and Rue have paired this yellow with soft neutrals so that the canary really sings, so to speak. This color is a staple of my spring and summer wardrobe, and while I often pair it with a crisp white, I will play around with some creamer whites and camels once spring blooms. And I am just daydreaming about how to use this color in our dream home's palette...

And then there are the moody blue grays of this pic tempered with some neutral silvers, tans, and creams.  I painted our bedroom a color similar to the second swatch from the top (inspired by Young House Love's former bedroom), and I love how the color oscillates between grey, blue - and even green - as the light changes. Although I love living in this color, I don't often wear it, which I seek to change come spring.

Pink is a color I seldom wear because it reads as too precious to me. Being blonde, I think I am also terrified I will look Barbie-ish in it. However, I love pops of coral, both at home and in clothes. And since Pantone's color of 2011, Honeysuckle, is a saturated pink, I don't think it's going away anytime soon. Time to embrace it. Like to good people at J.Crew, I will tone down its princess-y-ness with tougher elements like those gladiator sandals and black Ray-Bans.

Are you ready for spring? What colors are you dying to wear or decorate with?

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