Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy

Grades are in and I am pooped! So I thought on this gloomiest of hump days - at least here in Northern California - I would leave you with something pretty to look at from the latest issue of Lonny.

I know I have mentioned before that I prefer rooms with colored walls to white walls, but I am loving the rich blue rug, pillows, and that playful pouf on the floor.

Plus, the combination of the layered blues with the brass accents feels just right to me. We have a lot of brass fixtures in this house and our old casa, and I always thought that they made the house feel dated. But 2011 may just be the Year of Brass; I am seeing it *everywhere* and I am loving it, so I am starting to rethink my loathing of brass. Maybe this is just the exhaustion talking, but once we slap some paint and art on the walls - you know, modernize things around these parts - our brass might just need some polishing and metal complements elsewhere around the space to fit right in. Am I alone here, or are you embracing brass these days too?

Either way, happy Wednesday!

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