Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Eye Candy and More Blogs to Love

What is it about Wednesdays? I always have grand plans for the posts I hope to blog about during the week, but if I write during the week instead of over the weekend, I am just too pooped by this point. So the I-am-in-a-pinch-and-just-need-something-to-post post is rapidly becoming a fixture: Wednesday Eye Candy. This gorgeous pic is from the newest issue of Rue.

I adore those blue/grey walls, the fun patterned prints, the splashes of persimmon, and the brass lamp that is a shinier version of one we currently have in our living room. Maybe this pic will even inspire me to polish it. I could do without the cowhide, but I would take all that lovely mid-century modern furniture in a heartbeat.

If just one pic is not enough to get you through this hump day, head on over to the following blogs that I have recently added to my "Blog Crushes" list:

Sara of Russet Street Reno has a wicked sense of humor, takes on inspiring projects, and has a keen eye for color. Her writing is so addictive, before you know it, you will have read through the past year of posts. You've been warned.

Michelle over at Ten June is no slouch either. Her home is an elegant and fresh take on the more traditional. Her blog had just undergone a facelift, and she is in the midst of a bathroom reno, so now is a great time to check her site out.

We're halfway there!

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