Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Friday: Oscar Roundup

I know everyone has an opinion about the fashion at this past Sunday's Oscars, and not surprisingly, I do too. Since this is my space to wax poetic and rant, I am giving you my Oscar fashion highlights.

Disclaimer: We still don't have the TV hooked up - and even then, we won't have cable - so I did not see the actual event or how the dresses below move. I am basing my opinions solely on pics from and I am disappointed to have missed the Academy Awards; I am always reminding my husband that they are my Superbowl.

That said, here's my pick for best dressed:

I think that Gwyneth Paltrow always looks impeccable; she is a style icon for me. But she really hit the mark here. She looks like liquid gold or maybe a tall glass of bubbly. Her signature stick-straight hair, which sometimes can seem severe, complements the color, sheen, and column cut of her dress. Perfection!

A close second for me was Reese Witherspoon's simple modernized 60's look.

The color and fit of her dress kept the focus on her. (Sometimes I think the dress can take over. A-hem, Cate Blanchett.) I thought her teased ponytail and cat eye worked seamlessly with her gown to keep her looking playful and fresh.

Other successes for me were Michelle Williams (I still think about that Grecian style, nectarine-hued dress she wore to the Oscars the year she and Heath Ledger made Brokeback Mountain and sigh). I am always amazed at her boldness in fashion - witness the short sleeved shirtdress with a Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby cut - or in movie roles, so it's nice to see her get some attention.

I also loved Amy Adams in this sparkling sapphire dress. She has captured the feeling of Old Hollywood with her soft waves, vintage emerald necklace, and ruby red lips, all while still managing to look modern. (Maybe I am just partial since sapphires are my birthstone?)

I also thought Mandy Moore looked so elegant and mature, as always. It's brilliant how you can't really tell when the dress ends and her shoulders begin. She literally glows, and it's nice to see another porcelain girl like myself flaunting her fair skin. Stunning!

Except for Reese, it seems as though glittery, jewel-like dresses really caught my fancy this year. I know many of you loved Mila Kunis' dress, but I was not swooning over all the purple and plum on the red carpet this year. Sorry Mila, Natalie, and Scarlet. You're all talented ladies, but I am just not feeling it.

How about these two for best couple?

 They are positively glowing! Here's hoping your weekend shines even brighter than these dresses.

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