Monday, March 14, 2011

Goodbye Sea of Brown, Hello Ocean Trellis

I survived 60 hours on a bus with 42 students, but just barely. I felt like the walking dead on Saturday; I pretty much read or stared off into space in a vegetative state all day. I did, however, see some inspiring architecture at the college campuses we visited, as well as the Getty Museum, which I can't stop dreaming about. I will share some highlight pictures when I can compile them.

On Sunday I managed to be far more productive. I even found a duvet that I have loved for close to a year on ebay, bid on it, and won. Yippee!

Without further ado, meet the previously discontinued Ocean Trellis by Dwell Studio.

I fell in love with this duvet (which is more saturated in person), when I first laid eyes on it back in June at a friend's house (her roommate had it). It's a simple, graphic pattern that catches your eye without being busy. Here's another view.

I had spent all summer combing the internet and trying to find it on ebay, but since it was part of Dwell Studio's 2008 line, I couldn't find it anywhere. I have always adored Dwell Studio's modern bedding, but  their prices kept me away. Then lo and behold, a never-used king size duvet with two shams popped up on Saturday; the auction ended the next day. I waited till the last minute, and was the only bidder with a offer of $85 plus shipping. It was meant to be! 

The price beat the heck out of all the other duvets I had been eyeing, including this one that I almost bought from Amazon: the Bliss Living, the Shangri La Reversible Duvet

I loved the grey medallion pattern, which I thought would look great with Crystalline, the soft greyish aqua that we will probably paint the bedroom. But here's what I was not so crazy about...

This busy, large, and (too) colorful pattern on the other side. We might be the only one's that knew about it, but this duvet's "underbelly" would always bother me. And at $156.41, it was almost double the price of the duvet I had been coveting for so long. 

Even though it is a simpler design, I know that Ocean Trellis will look great paired with Crystalline, and since it is a more classic geometric print, I hope it will stay in style longer than the other ikat and medallion duvets I had been considering. Either way, it has got to be an improvement over this: 

Now for some paint, sheets, and a headboard...

I also made a little progress on my office this weekend. Stay tuned for a mini-preview tomorrow. 

Happy Monday! 

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