Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Friday: Laser Cut Lovelies

I am having a moment with laser cut shoes. I bought this pair from Target a couple of weeks ago for a mere $22.99, and I have been wearing the heck out of them.

I am contemplating going back and buying them in some of the other colors they come in. They have them in a rainbow of colors, including a fun raspberry, electric blue, and yellow. They a comfy, springy, and it's fun to get peeks of my painted toes through the laser cut design.

As a side note, I am loving OPI's Ski Teal We Drop - a deep peacock blue - that I was a bit scared of in the nail salon, but which looks really flattering against my ghostly pale skin.

I just found it on Amazon, and will be ordering it soon. It feels just right during this transition from winter to spring, and I bet it would be great in the fall too.

But I did miss out on these gems from Anthropologie: the Shimmering Trellis Heels

They went on sale a couple of days ago for about $75, but I wanted to wait till I showed them to you all and got some feedback since I was on the fence. Now I am really regretting not buying them (especially since I have a gift card for almost the full sale price), since I could have returned them if they did not work out. I thought that the pink might read as almost a nude against my skin, and if so, I could get a lot of mileage out of them. I had visions of pairing them with this dress for Megan's wedding next month.

(The reception, not the ceremony, Meg. Don't worry. I have some flats for the ceremony!)

My question to you is should I hunt them down like General Zaroff in "The Most Dangerous Game"? Or should I try to find something else? (I have had luck calling Anthro in the past when they have sold out of stuff online.) Are you as smitten with these beauties as I am? Or are they too much?

P.S. The new duvet really livens up the master bedroom. Can't wait to share pics next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I love this whole post! I really want to check out those target shoes myself, I wonder if I could wear them at the wedding? Also, I'm going back this weekend for a polish change, and have been thinking about that teal from when you had it. I love it! Lastly, I do love those anthro shoes (thanks for the caveat, I was totally worried, until you said that they were for the reception). But, if you couldn't find them, I bet you could find something else you love, if you don't already have something. Happy Friday!