Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Friday: These Boots Are Made For Raining

I am sorely in need of some rain boots. Although I have been cursing myself all week for not already owning a pair, I am hoping to snag an end of the season deal. With my luck, a purchase will signal the end of the wet weather and the beginning of spring. Wait! Who am I kidding? That's a win, win either way!

I have had my eye on the original - Hunter Wellies - for a couple of seasons now.

They are perfect, in my opinion, except for the price. I can't seem the find them for cheaper than about $125.00 except for on ebay, where all of the new boots have what's called "blooming," meaning they look like they have a white circular film on them. Not nearly the deal I was hoping to snag.

I found this pair on Piperlime as well.

I am loving the herringbone and buckle details, the charcoal color, and the price: $59.99 plus free shipping. The silhouette does not seem as flattering around the ankle as the Hunter boot, but it's hard to tell without seeing them on someone.

Target has a Hunter knockoff for $24.99, but it's not getting the best reviews; there are multiple mentions of soaking wet feet, and if that is the case, then it is not really a deal.

I ran into these Tory Burch boots in the latest issue of InStyle magazine, and I am loving their playful, retro vibe:

Unfortunately, even on ebay they are more than the Hunter boots I adore, so I think they are out.

The Chooka herringbone boots might be the winner here, but I need to sleep on it. What are you wearing on your tootsies these days in this wet weather? Any recommendations for me?


  1. I've seen the Tory Burch boots at DSW in the past month or so...maybe try there if you are close to one?

  2. A colleague was just rummaging through her trunk and I noticed TWO Hunter boxes and asked about them. She had ordered them both from Nordstrom and couldn't decide between two colors (a gray black and a black-black) and BOTH had "bloom". So... I'm not sure what causes it, but apparently, even if you get them straight from The Mothership, they might have bloom. I like the idea above - Tory Burch at DSW!

  3. @ EandB - That's great to know about the Hunter boots! I have been longing for them for so long that it really makes me feel better that I haven't ordered them. @ LBatT - I would love to find those Tory boots at DSW, but I don't live near one. I think it's the Chooka boots for me!