Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Taking the Rest of the Week Off

I am headed down to Southern California today with 40 juniors on a whirlwind college tour. We are hitting up UC Santa Barbara this afternoon on our way down to LA, UC San Diego and the University of San Diego tomorrow, and UCLA on Friday. I am excited to visit so many colleges that I haven't seen, and to watch as wide-eyed students negotiate whether or not each school is a good fit for them. It's crunch time for these kiddos; they will be applying to colleges next fall.

Maybe it's the thought of being on a bus for the next 60 or so hours, maybe it's sheer exhaustion after having just guided my students through the CAHSEE (the California High School Exit Exam), or maybe it's just the weather, but I am feeling uninspired this week. Since I will not have internet access on the trip, I will not be posting the rest of the week. (Make sad face here.)

But I am thinking that taking a short blogging break might not be a bad thing. You see, I want to post about things that I am truly excited about, and not just post to post. I am hoping that a healthy dose of So Cal sun, seeing some breathtaking art and architecture at the Getty Museum (our second to last stop on the tour), and actually getting to work on our new house - rather than the old one as Ryan has been doing since we moved - this weekend will have me back on Monday refreshed and ready to blog.

So until then, I leave you with a link to a quirky and creative blog that a student turned me on to yesterday: I enjoyed exploring it in the little time I had, and I am looking forward to going back when I have more time and trying out some of Keri's suggested creative endeavors. What a cool chick!

See you on Monday!

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