Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Touch of Grey

This post may be all about paint, but the title is a tribute to my favorite Grateful Dead song.

I finally had a chance to tape up some paint samples to the living room and master bedroom, and while I think I need to gather more chips for the master, I do think we are honing in on the color for the open living area.  

Here's the bedroom.

I forgot to write down the names of the paint colors since I was immediately displeased, but I do know the bottom chip is Glidden's Barely Jade, which is the color of our current bedroom. I do like the soft grey blue in the space, so it's something to fall back on if nothing else calls out to us. (Ryan's convinced Barely Jade is going to win out; I would like to prove him wrong.)

Here's the living room.

I like the effect of seeing the paint chips from a distance, but here's a close up. The smaller paint chips are all Glidden, and the longer chips are Martha Stewart's line.

Here's the color breakdown from top to bottom: Natural Linen, White Sage, Polished Limestone, Whetstone Gray, Silver Birch, Smooth Stone, Nimbus Cloud. 

The front runner right now is Whetstone Gray (the 4th chip from the top). The mister, my dad, and I were all drawn to that one on separate occasions. It seems to be the right balance of grey and beige that I wanted to achieve here, and though it's more grey than beige, it's remains warm. This picture was taken around 10 am, but it seems to evolve well as the light changes throughout the day. We have yet to see it at night, but our next step is to get a small sample and paint a larger swatch so we can be sure that it's *the one.* 

I thought the first two swatches were too green, the third one was too saturated, the last three were too blue, and the bottom color was way too dark. 

What are your thoughts? Are we headed in the right direction? All I know is the Navajo has got.to.go! 


  1. I love the Whetstone gray too! How fun! Can you paint just a small space, to see how the color really looks?

  2. I think your choice is absolutely correct. While I was looking at the first three I was thinking how green they looked, and how blue the others. I believe Whitstone Gray is just right, Goldilocks:)

  3. Thanks for validating Whetstone Gray, guys! I am excited to see how it looks once we paint a swatch on the wall.