Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots to Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We are currently without internet, so this post will be short since I am using my iPhone. I will update with pics of our home fully furnished when we have our internet up and running, hopefully in the next couple days. But here's a quickie update in the meantime: we have spent two nights in our new place, thanks to the amazing amount of help we got from my dad and Ryan's friend Mike. We would still be up to our noses in boxes if it were not for their superpower strength and moving abilities.

The master bedroom and kitchen are completely unpacked, and the bathroom, living room, and dining room are functional, albeit there are still boxes to unpack and electronics to hook up. The two back bedrooms need to most love. They will be my projects for next weekend.

Off to pack up my books and move of the last of my clothes!


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