Thursday, February 3, 2011

Required Reading: Rue Issue 3

I am in So Cal at the Puente Statewide Conference. So while I am away, I thought I would leave you with some eye candy from the pages of Rue's third issue.

I was really drawn to two of the features in this issue: Jess LC's apartment, which also doubles as the offices for her jewelry business; and Tamara Kaye-Honey's LA home. Let's start with the latter, since you know her collection of mid-century furniture had me salivating over here.

The blue color reminds me of our current master bedroom (which might just get reincarnated in the new digs). But that desk! I would kill for it. How much do you love the built in bookshelf in the back? It is the perfect place to stash a printer. I will now be stalking Craigslist for something similar!

And here's the same room with a dresser that looks a lot like ours. I had been contemplating staining ours darker, but I really like how the warm honeyed color reads against the blue wall and white trim. (Which is good since our veneer is about as thick as a dime and we really couldn't figure out how to strip it without wrecking the veneer.) What are your thoughts? Does this stain work?

And now on to the living room:

I am normally not a fan of spaces with white walls, but I am loving this relaxed and light-filled room. The wall of windows and doors, the vaulted ceilings, and the warm wood floors all work so well together. That graphite couch even has me rethinking sectionals (which I have never been crazy about) and my beloved green sofa. Seriously, how well would that sofa work in our new space?

And the earthy hues of the sofa, rug, and coffee table really allow the punchy yellows and oranges of the ottoman and pillows to pop. The gallery wall in muted black and cremes doesn't demand attention, but really finishes the room. I think this room could easily be reinterpreted into our new living room. Oh, did I mention it's officially ours tomorrow?

Now on to Jess LC's vibrant space:

I want to transport that chair into my home! Since you all know about my love affair with that golden yellow color, this should come as no surprise. And I have to figure out where that blue chevron fabric hails from so I can DIY some curtains for the new home.

Let's not ignore the simple vignettes in the pic on the right. They have just enough color and movement without being busy, as does this nook below.

I have been eyeing this Bigso Stockholm office system from the Container Store for about 6 months, and I definitely want to use it to set up an office in the new home. Dreaming is so fun!

Anything else catch your eye in Rue?

All images courtesy of Rue.

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