Monday, February 21, 2011

New Casa: The Tour

I am back! The last week has been a tad trying: we had no internet for 6 days (!), and of course mountains of boxes to shelp to the new casa and then unpack and organize - all while still trying to hold down our 9-5 jobs. If only you could put life on pause for big life events like moving! A girl can dream, right?

Now that we have internet and are getting settled in, I thought I would share what the house looks like with some furniture in it. The entry, the kitchen, and the master are fully unpacked, so let's start there before we head into the chaos of the other rooms.

Here's the view from the front door:

On the left is the master bedroom. Let's take in a peek in there, shall we?

Back out into the entry and to the right is our open kitchen/dining/living room. You land first in the dining room, which looks a little something like this right now:

Here's the sideboard with a make-shift bar on the wall opposite the dining room table:

(You can see that some of the china and stemware is unpacked, but most of it is still in boxes. Don't worry, we have a plan!)

To the right of the dining room is the kitchen, which is fully functional these days and a joy to cook in. (Recipes to come soon!)

Here you can really get a sense of where the kitchen is in relation to the dining room.

And on the opposite side of the dining room is the living room... which is looking halfway decent these days. 

Here's the decent half. 

And here's the less put together half.

As you may have guessed from the boxes trying to make a cameo appearance in some of the above photos, there is still much to unpack. Here's the tour of our home's seedy underbelly.

Notice the boxes lurking around the counter in the dining room.

And here's the smaller of the two back bedrooms, which I plan on using as an office.

And perhaps the worst of all is the guest bedroom/the mister's office, which is literally functioning as a dumping ground. 

So there you have it! That's what our place looks like so far, a mere 10 days in. You can see we have lots of work ahead of us, but we are taking it box-by-box and day-by-day. 

The pups have taken a much more relaxed attitude towards the whole thing. After an initial three days of confusion, they have been doing a whole lot of this:

Ah, life is good. Back tomorrow and the rest of this week with more detailed tours of each room.

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  1. Eek! So exciting, I love it!!! I cannot wait to see it in person. You guys have been working so hard, it will be amazing when it's all set and you can relax. We must have a housewarming party!