Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday: Bridesmaid Blues Part II

 I need some serious input. Two of the J.Crew dresses that I wrote about here are now on sale - with an extra 30% off through Monday. The catch is that they are on FINAL sale, meaning I can't return them. While my size is consistent when it comes to J.Crew, I have concerns about the fit - at least for one of the dresses...

This is the dress that has me the most enchanted.

I adore the color, the sweetheart neckline, and the tiered ruffles. Oh, and did I mention it's $121 off its original price, which puts it within what I wanted to spend? So what's the problem?

Well, this side view has me a bit concerned that I might be swimming in layers of fabric.

You see, body skimming cuts tend to look better on me since I am more curvy on my bottom half than my top half. Ordering this dress would thus be a bit of a gamble, and I am not much for gambling.

The Erika dress is a much safer bet since I already own a J.Crew dress in a similar cut and I am sure that it will fit. It is about $45 less than the Soiree dress above, which is a definite bonus, but it's simplicity is looking more bland than classic by comparison. But on the flip side, that might mean that the dress will age better over the years than a trendier style...

As you can tell, I am rationalizing in circles here. It's time for an intervention. Should I go with the dress that has captured my fancy and run the risk that it may be too voluminous for my frame? Or should I go with the sure fit that's easier on the bank account? I have to make a decision by Monday, and I can't do it without you. Please help!


  1. Wifey- I love both of them (and Yay! for a sale). I think you should go with the one you're excited about. Worst case scenario, if you are really unhappy with the fit, maybe have it altered a little bit? I wish J-Crew had these dresses in their stores.

  2. I thought of another option... If you think it might be too expensive to have to potentially alter the 1st dress (although this might not be necessary in the end), you could get the 2nd dress, but do it up with fun accessories. Either way, you're going to look amazing! I can't wait!

  3. I say whatever Megan says, it is her wedding :)

  4. Personally, I like the second dress. I like its simplicity and, like Megan said, you can dress it up with fun accessories. I agree with you regarding the first one's side view.

  5. I followed my gut, took a leap of faith, and went with the first dress. Here's hoping it works out. Ryan liked it better, even though it has an empire waist. (Yep, he seriously said that!)

  6. I LOVE the first dress! I'm excited you chose that one :)