Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stamp It Out!

I have been longing for one of those fancy return address stamps since I first spotted them a few years back. I managed to restrain myself, mostly thanks to the price tag, by making a deal with myself that I could get one when we bought a house. (Does anyone else make deals with themselves? Or is this just me?)

So you'll never guess what my first purchase for the house was: a custom return address stamp. Thanks to a gift certificate from Megan for my graduation - thanks, Meg! - I was able to get it for half off.

After much debate - and before we even bought a fridge for the new casa - I settled on this stamp from Paper Source. Although it is designed to have a double monogram, we are only going to have a single "B" in the center with our names and address around the outside.

I thought long and hard about going with this one...

... the Modern Script, but although I love all things modern, I wasn't loving the italicized "B."

These beauties also caught my eye:

The the top one was too sweet, the middle one too hard, and although I liked the last one, I really wanted something round that could easily fit on the flap of an envelope.

Ours' is currently on it's way, albeit stuck right now in weather in Dallas. (Been there, done that!) I can't wait for it to arrive so I can get on those thank you notes I have been meaning to write to our amazing realtor, lender, and title person. Maybe it will even make paying that mortgage a bit more fun. Here's hoping...


  1. I love these stamps. Did you end up having them do a regular "B"? Did you see the stamp I used for our invites? It's through papersource, of course. Also, once you have the stamper, I think you can just buy the rubber "plates" that you can swap in for the one you have now. They are cheaper, too. We will do that when we move again in August.

  2. I loved the stamp on your invite almost as much as the invite itself. Although, the reply card might just take the cake! Funny, I don't remember seeing that stamp on Paper Source... Thanks again for our stamp! I can't wait to see it!