Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Day of Summer. Sniff.

Today is my last real day of summer. Next week I have to start going into school to set up my classroom, lesson plan, and attend some meetings. Pardon me while I blow my nose and wipe my eyes.

As I was reminiscing about how beautiful it was to have a whole month off, I was reminded of a little post I did in the beginning of summer about the projects I had hoped to accomplish by this time.

Here's what was on my list and what I actually accomplished.

  1. Paint the living room, dining room, kitchen, entry, and hallway. Update: Primed but not yet painted thanks to our crazy decision to retexture the walls in these 5 areas.
  2. Install living room curtains, hang map, and other living room art. Update: Still pending wall texturing and painting.
  3. Take out header cabinet in kitchen to open up kitchen/dining room. Update: We WILL do this THIS WEEKEND as we prepare for phase 2 of retexturing. (I am really starting to feel like a failure at this point...)
  4. Get rid of all the boxes in the house. This will require setting up the guest room and office. DONE. Can I get an Amen? 
  5. Do something about that hideous and awkward CD tower.  I did *something* (in the most literal interpretation of the word); I moved it to Ryan's office/guest bedroom.
  6. Order and frame wedding pictures (by creating a gallery wall in the entry?). Update: Waiting until the entry is retextured and painted. 
  7. Put up the house numbers that we already own. Update: This is really pathetic to admit because we already purchased them, but alas, no.
  8. Find/make curtains for the master bedroom. Update: I found the fabric...I just have to save up to buy it.
  9. Find a fiddle leaf fig.  We now are the proud owners of Figgy and Figgy Jr. thanks to my mother-in-law Pam and my Aunt Madeleine! 
  10. Refinish coffee table and possibly other living room furniture. Update: Like everything else on this list, it's gonna have to wait till the walls are done. 
  11. Sleep. Done and done.
Okay, so I really only accomplished 2.5 house related projects. But considering that we are in the throws of a major project (our biggest to date), I am going to cut myself some slack. And I have revised my timeline: I hope to have the walls done and painted by my birthday, which is two months away. Totally reasonable, right? 

Well I'm off to enjoy this last true day of freedom with my pooches at our favorite hiking spot. Have a great weekend! 

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