Thursday, July 14, 2011

Living Box Free!

It's been a bit over a week since I finally cleared out the guest bedroom. Now it's actually fit for guests (and some internet surfin' on the hub's part). Yippeee!  

In case you don't remember, it was our dumping ground for awhile there.

And it stayed that way for an embarrassing 5 months, even as I slowly unpacked the rest of the house and broke down boxes. But alas, the guest room's day had finally come since I was living in constant terror that someone would want to come for a visit or need a place to crash for the night.

Here's how it's looking now.

Oh, and remember this repainted bookcase?

Well, it finally found a home and got a wee bit styled.

The hubby's old college textbooks and our board games are on the bottom shelf. On the next shelf I corralled our pictures and old cards in the woven box, and added more of Ryan's books (poetry on the left, carpentry on the right). I tried to style it with our coin collection and a couple of his geodes.

Next is the sports shelf: mountain climbing books are on the left, scuba diving manuals are below the golf balls.

The top shelf holds his magazines, a few more books, a photo album of a trip to Alaska, a picture of us from our first year together (we look so young!), a map, and his jade collection.

I am no Emily Henderson when it comes to styling shelves, but I am getting better. Now Ryan just has to edit out what he doesn't want (like those college texbooks, scuba, and mountain climbing books), so the shelves can breathe a little more.

There is still much work to do in this room. It needs a fresh coat of paint, some night stands, curtains, and an organized desk...hrmm, hrmm Ryan, but at least it is fully functional...except for this, which I cleverly tried to hide in all the previous photos:

Just an extra door chilling in the room. Who keeps a door in their spare bedroom? Apparently we do. It's high time to find another home for it or Craigslist it. Just trying to keep it real.

What do you have lurking in your doorways and corners? How long did it take you to fully unpack your place the last time you moved? Fingers crossed that it was five months or more!


  1. Must feel so good to have it all cleaned up! Looks fresh and tidy!

  2. It feels liberating, but now it's a blank slate that I can't wait to decorate! This could be dangerous...