Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Resolutions

I apologize for being MIA for a week. I was pretty much catatonic when school ended last Friday, and aside from cleaning my classroom on Monday, I have been vegetative all week. There are few times in life when you can enjoy doing absolutely nothing, having no responsibilities, and guiltlessly letting the day waste away, and this past week was one of them.

But summer school starts tomorrow, so it's time to motivate to do something. For today it will have to be thinking about what I want to accomplish this summer. And since summer is a time of seemingly endless promise for teachers (in reality it's only 9 weeks), it takes on a bit of a New Years quality. So what better time to make some summer resolutions?

I want to be realistic and not go overboard, so the following list seems do-able on weekends and long, lazy summer afternoons and evenings.

1. Paint living room, dining room, kitchen, entry, and hallway.  

Take it from this...

To this...

2. Install living room curtains, hang map and other living room art.

3. Take out the header cabinet in the kitchen to open up kitchen/dining room.

4. Get rid of all the boxes in the house. This will require setting up guest room and office. 

5. Do something about the hideous and awkward CD tower. 

6. Order and frame wedding pictures (by creating a gallery wall in the entry?).

7. Put up the house numbers (that we already own!).
8. Find/make curtains for the master bedroom.
9. Find a fiddle leaf fig.

10. Refinish coffee table and possibly other living room furniture.

11. Sleep. Oh wait, that's not house related at all.

What projects do you hope to accomplish this summer? 


  1. Check out Red Envelope! They have gallery frames that I think you would like!!

  2. By the way - that was from me! OOXX Mom