Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Perfect Paint Color...Maybe.

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July weekend! We sure did; we spent it up in Healdsburg with friends, and it truly couldn't have been better. I will post about it this week (hopefully tomorrow), once I get my pics uploaded.

Before leaving for Healdsburg though, I threw a few more paint samples up on the wall, and I *might* have found the perfect color.

Just as a reminder, here's my inspiration photo.

Now here are the paints that I am happy with:

They are the ones on the left side of the picture (past and below the darker taupe color). Hard to see, I know, thanks to my crappy camera so here are some more shots.

In all the pics below, the colors I like are on the right.

The two colors, which are almost identical, are both from Sherwin Williams. Modern Grey is on the top, and Popular Grey is on the bottom. Of course I like Modern Grey, and Ryan likes Popular Grey (but he is willing to let me have my way since the colors are so similar).

Just when I thought I was firmly decided on Modern Grey, then I stumbled into the coolest store in Healdsburg, 14 feet, and fell for their putty colored showroom.

The owner was kind enough to divulge the color: Benjamin Moore's Berkshire Beige. (How cool is that 7 Deadly Sins plate wall, by the way?) So now I feel compelled to add a 9th color to the walls. The living areas are seriously starting to look like a patchwork quilt.

Do I have a problem? Is it time to call the game and just pick a color already? What are your thoughts?

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