Friday, July 8, 2011

Going Bold (For Me)

So I found some pictures of myself as I was cleaning out the guest room this past week, and I started to notice something hair hasn't really changed in about 12 years. There was a short stint for about a year as a brunette, but aside from that I have had the same haircut since a really disastrous short cut my junior year of high school. This pic is over 3 years old, but it pretty much captures it.

Meanwhile, I keep seeing these really cute shoulder length bobs that I love and am thinking that I can pull off, even with my square jaw. Here's what I have been digging.

Pinterest Via

Pinterest Via

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Pinterest via Google

I like the first two without the bangs better; I like bangs and think they look cute, but they drive me crazy! 

What do you think? Should I go bold and chop? Or should I stick with the tried and true long layered look? Help! I have a hair appointment on Monday.


  1. ooh! Exciting! I think that as long as you have someone who can give you a good haircut, they can tailor this cut to your hair/face. I know you'd look cute. If you do it, I want pics!

  2. Chop! Chop! Chop! You would look super cute!

    I've been wanting to do something new with my hair, but I think it will have to wait...

  3. I think you should cut it - your long hair looks like it will hold the shape of some of your inspirations pics so go and cut it (just not too short).