Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Snow Day in July

I spent yesterday sanding the first coat of mud on our walls. It's grueling and messy work. When I was done the floors were looking like they had just weathered a July.

Thankfully I used rolled towels under the doors and plastic to tape off the entry and dining room so the rest of the house was not dusted in plaster.

And when I was all done, I was looking and feeling like a sexy beast.

My face was this eerie combination of red (from wearing a mask) and white from the plaster dust. I was really loving my powdered hair; I think our founding fathers would have approved.

I am back at it today with one wall that was still drying yesterday. Once that is done, we can begin the second coat of plaster.

Meanwhile, the latest issue of Rue Magazine hit virtual newstands. Maybe it's because I am uber focused on finishing as much of this project before school starts (T minus 2 weeks), but there wasn't too much that caught my eye - at least not that I felt I could do in my own home.

However, the ladies at Rue seemed to be having a moment with matchbooks.

Images via Rue

These detailed pics made we want to run out there and start collecting matchbooks from memorable meals and places. It also made me sad that I have missed out on collecting ten years worth of matchbooks from special dinners, hotel stays, and parties. But I guess you have to start sometime. We already have a large hurricane like the first picture that I could display them in.

But then I got to wondering, do restaurants still give out matchbooks? I'll be pondering that as I am sanding the day away.

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