Monday, June 13, 2011

I LOVE Summer!

I know that might be a crazy exclamation when summer school starts tomorrow, but I truly love summer. I had the second weekend in a row off, and it was amazing! (Those of you who get weekends off every weekend, I am insanely jealous and you really don't know how good you all have it. I definitely didn't when I worked a 9-5, 40 hour per week job.)

Let me recap: Friday was date night. After a nice run and dinner at home, we went to see the new Woody Allen flick Paris at Midnight. It was a bomb, but that didn't matter since we got movie popcorn, we stayed up past 11 pm, and - I don't want to be too cheesy here - but we spent the night together!  Saturday started with a lazy morning (truly, life's biggest luxury), and the rest of the day was spent catching up with friends. Sunday we worked in the front yard and then went for a hike with the pooches. Perfection!

I did manage to cross half of one item off my summer resolution list. There are currently almost no boxes in my office! Hurrah! (To see what the functional part of the office looks like, click here.)

The corner that once looked like this:

Now looks like this:

I am cleverly using the photo on the left (of me and my girl Lianna at her wedding) to hide our internet gear. (See the second picture below.) And the pic on the right is from my 8th grade graduation dance. I found it during the move and I just had to put it somewhere; it has me and several of the girls I am still friends with in it, and it cracks me up.

The boxes were sent to the closet, where they were organized...for the most part. I know where everything is and it makes sense to me, so that will have to be good enough for the time being.

Lastly, here's the corner across from the chair.




There's still some magic to work with the exercise equipment, and since that side of the room is so bare, I am thinking an Ikea Expedit shelving system might be the solution. I still need to paint and reupholster the chair, but at least the room is clean and organized. I am already enjoying being in it more, and all 4 of us have logged way more hours than normal in here this weekend. (It gets the best morning light in the house.) 

Now I just need to tackle the guest room/Ryan's office. Maybe next weekend? 

What did you all do this weekend? 

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