Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fancying Fiddle Leafed Figs

I am taking a short break from grading to bring you some Wednesday Eye Candy on this Thursday. (What can I say? The Monday holiday is still throwing me off.)

I am so infatuated with...(wait for it) a plant! But not just any plant, the fiddle leafed fig. Here it is in all it's glory and splendor.

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I particularly this alliterative plant in the woven baskets that I have been seeing everywhere, like this month's Home Beautiful cover and the picture above. The chartreuse moss is the icing on my fiddle leafed fig cake!

Here's some other examples: 

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Their bright green and shapely leaves look beautiful with wood tones or against grey walls, which is good news for us. And whether tamed...

or growing wild and free...

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they seem to inject any space they inhabit with a heavy dose of life. 

And I already have the perfect spot for it. 

It will replace the dying corn plant I have affectionately named Corny. Now all I have to do is hunt one down...

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