Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretending to Be Emily

Yesterday I told you all about my newest obsession: Emily Henderson's HGTV show Secrets From a Stylist. Emily gets most of the furniture on the show from flea markets and second hand shops, and man, does she get some deals. While there are no flea markets around here (at least not any that I know of), there are a ton of second hand shops. So I put on some jeans, cute new shoes, and a plaid shirt so I could really fancy myself as Emily, and I went out searching for some new-to-me treasures.

I hit up 17th Street in PG first since it has a few thrift stores and a vintage clothing store, but nothing was calling out to me, so I headed over to Patrick's Consignment where I found some things that were hard to pass up.

I would love to use these side tables in the master bedroom. I love that they are leggy and have drawers, but they are curvy and not square. I would jazz up the space between the drawers with some books and accessories. Oh, and they are matching! But at $155.00 each, they are way out of our price range, especially since I plan on painting the night stands that we eventually get.

Look beyond that shaded sconce at that large-and-in-charge mirror. I would love to put this guy behind the dining room table to break up the expanse of wall and bounce some light around. It's square, but the circle detailing at the top softens it up enough that the room could handle yet another piece with hard edges. But again, it's out of our price range. (I know it was $200+, I think even closer to $300.)

The verdict: Patrick's it great, but the prices make it prohibitive. So next up was the Cannery Row Antique Mall, which I also thought would be out of our price range. Some pieces were, and some were not. Here's what caught my eye.

Some glasses for the bar area.

A sculptural vase.

Some empty seltzer and apothecary bottles.

An oval mirror that has a weathered look. I think it would balance out the clean, modern lines of the dresser in the master.

This funky little pulley lamp that unfortunately was $100.

And I can't get this ceramic lamp out of my head. I think spray painted a crisp white, the squares would complement our comforter. At $15.00, I was really tempted to bring it home, but I was worried that paint wouldn't adhere to it well, and frankly, I want two lamps for the master.

This simple shelving unit did makes it way home with me. It was a steal at $30, and we really need a bookshelf for the guest bedroom that it begging to be organized. I think the airy shelving will help soften up the heavy oak desk in there that my husband is so attached to. Here's hoping.

I am working on painting it a glossy white this week. The primer is done. I'll let you know when it's finally done.

What new-to-you pieces have you brought home recently? If you are in this area, what thrift stores do you frequent?


  1. Not terribly long ago I bought a table to go under my huge plate glass window in my living room. I got it at Patrick's Consigment for about $250. It was in the front window and I did not dare venture in furher for fear of buying more! Cannery Row Antique mall was great, but a little overwhelming. I plan on going back there! OOXX Mom

  2. It can be incredibly hit or miss but Last Chance Mercantile in Marina can be a gold mine. I got a beautiful primed china hutch with glass shelves and windows for $100 earlier in the school year.A antique, German made sewing table for $7, and over the years we've picked up chairs, tables, headboards, and lights.

    It is by the dump, and sometimes its pretty disgusting. But you can score some days!

  3. I have Last Chance Mercantile on the to do list for either this weekend or Monday. I'm hoping there might be some treasures after people purge over the weekend. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Tracey (Lexi's cousin!)June 30, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    Hi Nicole... I just had to comment on your post... we have that EXACT lamp that you saw above... the one with ropes that go through it (the "pulley lamp). I saw your picture and couldn't believe it. I was passed down from Josh's parents... we only have one and the lamp shade bit the dust a while ago. But we put a new lamp shade on it, and it looks great. I can't believe you saw one just like it!

  5. Hi Tracey! Ryan and I both love that lamp, and how great is it that it's a family heirloom! We are definitely jealous. Hope you guys have a fun and safe holiday weekend!