Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board?

I bit the bullet this weekend and painted some paint swatches up on the entry, living room, and dining room walls.

Here's what I am working with right now:

Clockwise from top left is: Grey Owl (Benjamin Moore), Smooth Stone (Glidden), Whetstone Grey (Martha Stewart), and Moonshine (Benjamin Moore). This is where I really wish I knew Photoshop so I could add the names of the different paints directly onto the pic. Someday.

I started with just Grey Owl and Moonshine, which were the front runners. Only here's what they looked like once on the wall.

They turned out to be more blue than the true, warmish grey that I am looking for. (Grey Owl is on top, Moonshine is below.)

I mean, I seriously thought I was going to end up with this:

Pic from House Beautiful

I thought that maybe the colors just weren't reading correctly because they are surrounded by the warm, peachy Navajo White; colors can change drastically depending on what they are paired with. (You can get a sense of what I am talking about below, but the colors aren't reading true and are hard to see because the camera sucks.)

However, I decided to error on the side of caution since I was really disappointed and we are talking about painting 3 substantial rooms and two hallways the same color. So back to Home Depot I went to get some paint samples that I had had taped up on the wall at various points. At $2.99 a pop, it was money well spent.

I added Smooth Stone on the left, with Whetstone Grey right below it, and I painted swatches in the three spaces that will be most impacted:

The entry...

The dining room (with the two new colors now on the right, just to be confusing)...

and the living room (also on the right).

I am still not sure if I have found *the* paint, but I am leaning toward Smooth Stone (in the upper right in the last two pics). I am worried it might be a bit dark when painted in an entire room, but the Whetstone Grey below it is definitely too light and its purple-y undertones will just not work for me.

What do you think? Are any of these paint colors calling out to you? Or do you know of any tried and true grays that I should slap up on the wall? I am paralyzed by indecision, and I worry I might have 20 swatches painted up there before I finally make up my mind! Help.


  1. I think if you're going for the inspiration photo color, Whetstone might be the way to go with your lighting. We did Moonshine in our bedroom and I like it a lot, but it's definitely more blue undertones than warm.

  2. I have my living room, hallway and kitchen painted in smooth gray and I am in love! we have a lot of light that comes through but even in the hallway its still perfect...

  3. I bought a sample of Smooth Stone and to me it's on the dark side..... Thinking of having it lighted my 50%....