Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Friday: Maxi Skirts

I spotted a couple of uber-chic girls flitting around town in maxi skirts a couple of weeks ago - looking quite casual, summery, and comfy - and ever since I have been obsessed. My obsession snowballed out of control earlier this week when I took a break from my catatonic state to gather up this Patagonian Maxi Skirt from Anthropologie.

It costs $88.00, but thanks to a gift certificate I have been squirreling away since the holidays, it was free for me. However, it does run large and long. I got a small, and even on my 5'8" frame, it puddles on the ground with flats.

That dilemma can be easily solved with some wedges or heels, but one dilemma that had me mired was how to wear it. So I hopped on Pinterest for some inspiration photos and came away with a few different ideas for how to own the maxi skirt.

Here's a different striped maxi from Anthro. I love the fitted jacket with the loose belt. I can do this.

Here's a more relaxed approach: tucked in tee, statement necklace, and flats.

Striking a casual pose in front of a punchy wall doesn't hurt either.

But behold my favorite combination:

We'll stay with the tucked in tee, but throw in a belt and a scarf for good measure. I think a summery scarf in a citrusy or coral-ly hue, or even a fun pattern, would make this combo sensational for summer.

Here are a couple other ways to wear the maxi that I am just not bold enough to try.

I love all that loose, flowing fabric, but I don't think it would do me any favors. 

And then there's this one with the tucked in chambray top, which I am brave enough to try, but not with the fedora. 

Pinterest via Monique Patterson

Even so, I think I've got this trend under control. Oh, and if it's one your interested in as well, I hear Old Navy has solid maxi skirts for around $25.00. If you get one (or already have one), send me a pic. If not, what summer trend are you getting up the gumption to try? 

Wish me luck! 

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