Friday, August 26, 2011

Fashion Friday: Wide Leg Wonders

Maybe it's because I spent the summer flitting around in maxi skirts and the thought of something clinging to my legs just doesn't sound appealing anymore (sorry skinny jeans), but I am seriously craving wide leg pants right now.

It started with these Level 99 High Waist Chambray Trouser jeans that are super roomy and leggy but still somehow chic.

Yes, they're totally a throwback to the 70's, but they are a lot of fun to wear and the high waist means I am not exposing anything unseemly from behind. Even though I am swathed in fabric, I still feel surprising sexy and polished. I guess it's this feeling - which originally hooked me on maxi skirts - that has me mad about wide legs.

(I snagged them about a month ago for half off of their original cost at Anthropologie. It looks like they are no longer available online, but you might still be able to find them in stores.)

Then the J.Crew catalogue came in the mail. This spells trouble in my house (even though I lay in wait until what I want goes on final sale and finally falls into my price range). These Hutton trousers had me at hello.

I wish I could find the pic from the catalogue. The model is walking and the movement of these long and lovely pants is perfect. So much better than this pic above.

I would wear them with this shirt tucked in.

The jade color, texture, and detailing are perfect. Oh, and it would work nice too with this perfect-for-fall wool maxi skirt.

Maxi skirts, I just can't quit you.

Who else is ready for some relaxed fall dressing?


  1. I love fall clothes and support any non skinny jean pant. Nice work.

  2. oh my goodness... I was wearing high-waisted wide leg jeans the other day and someone literally laughed at me! I gave them a look that said, "you don't know what's cool" Ha! Love your chambray pick - I'll have to do those next :)

  3. Thanks guys! Sorry you got the stink eye, HOE. Some people just don't know what fashion is, and sometimes it involves a little risk. I know I am having fun rocking the wide legs!