Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stripes or Chair Rail?...or Both?

My oldest friend is pregnant with her first baby (yay!), and she called me over the weekend to run some nursery design ideas by me. Her bun in the oven is a boy, and she and her husband are Giants and baseball fanatics, so it is no surprise that the future slugger's nursery palette is inspired by Giant's colors: orange, black, and ivory. The big question is: should they paint a fun racing stripe on ivory walls?

Pinterest via Lianna Roberts via Mackenzie Collier

Or should they install a chair rail with orange below and ivory above?

Little Crown Interiors

If they decide to go with the chair rail, they could always add some faux paneling like this to jazz it up a bit. 

Or there's a third option. I suggested - just to complicate the issues - that they could do both. Crazy, but I kinda like it.

Picture something like this, but with one narrow, horizontal stripe above the chair rail. (Something akin to that first photo above but without the white stripes.)

Pinterest via Mindy White

I think it's a home run no matter what they decide to do. The ivory walls will brighten up a shady room, but I worry ivory might be hard to keep free of toddler finger and handprints. The chair rail with the orange below might help to solve that problem, but is it as fun and energetic as stripes? And doing both might just be a bit too much energy in a small space. (But it could also be really awesome. Just saying.)

I think you can tell where I stand on the stripes vs. chair rail debate, but now's your chance to weigh in. What design advice do you have for this mama-to-be?

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  1. FYI, I am in L.O.V.E. with the stripes in that first photo! That's essentially what I was imagining for the little man's room. I think I might get to start painting this weekend, so we will see. Maybe a little combo of those multi colored stripes on top and bottom of the fat orange stripe of the second photo... Now I'm getting crazy! Feedback needed! :)

    Thanks friend, love ya!