Friday, August 5, 2011


I am prepping the house for our first houseguest, as well as putting the finishing touches on my classroom for the start of school next week. Thanks to an unexpected classroom move on Monday, my first unofficial week back to work has been stressful to say the I am taking the day off from blogging. My apologies but man am I grateful it is Friday!

I hope you get out there and enjoy these last fleeting days of summer. If I could, I would be flitting around in this, soaking up some sun, and perusing the September issue of House Beautiful.

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Instead there will be a whole lot plaster dust falling around us this weekend. 

Thank goodness we have a houseguest who's willing to be put to work! Whatever you are doing, have a great weekend and see you on Monday! 


  1. I also have a classroom move and am going back to work early starting next week. Good bye summer. snif, snif!

  2. Ah Blair, I feel your pain! Best of luck next week!