Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Friday: Cheap Thrills

I had to take a day off from the old blog yesterday thanks to my migraine brain. But I couldn't resist posting about some pretty sweet and cheap fashion finds at Target to get you excited for those weekend errands.

I know the blogosphere has been buzzing about Calypso's new line with Target. Their home goods line has been getting a lot of attention, as has their large and colorful jewelry. But while I admire their jewelry on others (I am easing into wearing big, bold jewelry), what I really want is this dress:

The grey linen would transition well from summer to fall, and it is more appropriate for work and weekend than the white version, which is also really sweet.

What really got my pulse racing were all those playful ruffles.

I *love* ruffles on pretty much anything - shoes, shirts, skirts, (wedding) dresses, you name it - and the wrap silhouette is so flattering. Once I saw that $42.99 price tag, I knew I had to make this dress mine. But when I jetted down to my local Target, all they had was the white; I was so disappointed that I didn't even think to try it on so I could figure out my size and buy it online. But mark my words, this dress will be mine...

Fortunately, the trip to Target was not a lost cause. I stopped by my new go-to place for shoes, AKA their shoe department, since I am still wearing these laser cut lovelies to death. (I am on my second white pair and I also bought them in the pewter). And to my joy, I found two pairs of shoes that made my disappointment over the Calypso dress all but disappear.

These gold flats will get a ton of use over the summer. They are perfect for work and weekends and feel more dressed up than flip flops, but at $15.00 a pair, they almost as cheap as their more casual cousins.
And these babies are for going out. Yep, they're my dancing shoes. I wore them at Megan's recent wedding thinking my feet would be all torn up and aching since they are faux leather, but they were no worse than any other 3.5" heel. They will be taken for another night out on the town at a wedding next weekend. I can't wait!

Their nude color blends in well with these blindingly white legs, making the gams look much longer. And while nude heels are (and let's face it, have been) a huge trend, if they suddenly plummet in popularity, it won't be the end of the world since they only set me back $29.99.

What cheap thrills can't you get enough of these days? Do tell!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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