Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Unpacking

I confessed last week to still unpacking three months after moving in. While I told you how I managed to free the dining room of boxes, I neglected to mention that I also unpacked some art and accessories and worked a little temporary entryway magic.

Here's a picture of our entryway after we first moved in. It's long and narrow, and the first thing you see is this closet door. Not ideal. (Eventually we would like to move the door to the opposite side of the closet and create a little vignette with a console and a mirror so you see something pretty when you first move in, but I digress.)

I added some (blurry) photos and my beloved moss and rope balls (there really isn't a better name for them), which has that funky furniture piece looking a little better.

Now the beautiful blown glass piece we got as a wedding present has some (appropriate) company.
Those piles of papers and my running belt and hat that I always left there really weren't doing her justice.

I didn't stop here though. I also tackled the boxes in the living room. Remember these guys?

The speakers were hooked up about a month after moving in, but these boxes full of DVD's, CD's, and art remained.

Fortunately We have some window seat storage on either side of the fireplace, so I decided to stash the CD's and DVD's until we work up to redoing the fireplace with a less offensive rock. (It's called "driftwood" for any interested parties.)

I had planned on just getting some cheapo milk crates at Target, but then I saw these water hyacinth baskets specifically made for DVD's.

At $11.99 each, they were about $5 more than the cheapest (and ugliest) plastic DVD containers I could find. There is nowhere to display these beauties yet, but on day when we upgrade to a flat screen TV, we are going to build a entertainment center out of some leftover teak (the top has already been made). I figured I would rather fork out a little extra for something we can display down the road instead of buying something that we would only use for (hopefully) a couple years tops and eventually have to replace anyway.

The next bit is not rocket science. I divided our DVD collection into two categories - romance/comedy (mine) and everything else (his) - and organized the DVD's alphabetically. Here they are all ready to be hidden away.

And here they are in their new home:

The living room is looking a little better now. The box of art got hauled off to my office until we paint.

We still need to hide away the CD's being stored in our tall CD tower. Even my guy agrees it's an eyesore, which is unheard of, and there is really no where to put it in the room.

Here's the dilemma: Hubby wants to store all the CD's in binders, but we already have three binders that are collecting dust. I would prefer to upload the songs we want to my external hard drive. As usual, we can't agree so I am looking to you; do you have any inspired ideas for CD storage? Pinterest has failed me for the first time and I am desperate!

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