Monday, May 23, 2011

100% Gone

The 90% Rule that I confessed to obeying last week may still be in effect, but at least the pile of rubble and the toilet that were chilling in our backyard are 100% gone. I took care of the concrete remnants, and Ryan had the pleasure of smashing that old toilet to smithereens. Here's the proof of our two projects (the grass in the backyard and the new toilet, respectively), being 100% complete.

Well, with all those leaves there is still some work to do, but it will have to wait.

And what, you ask, is that orange thing and that silver stuff in the background of the bottom picture? The orange thing is our kayak, which still does not have a home, and the silver things are fancy sawhorse legs (I think). Our next project is to take everything out of the garage and organize it so there is room for all the currently homeless stuff on our deck. We stuffed the garage to the gills the night we moved and have been tiptoeing around tools, buckets, and lumber ever since. We're hoping to carve out a spot for a workshop, which should be tricky in our jam-packed one-car garage, but we're gonna try. Of course, I'll share whatever we come up with.

Aside from the 10% project completion, we didn't do much this weekend on the home front. I failed miserably at two small projects (I'll share all the shameful details tomorrow), and I do have a little unpacking project on the horizon (more on that later in the week when I tackle it). The school year is winding down for me, which makes for a lot of papers to grade and finals to concoct, so it was a busy work weekend for me. Imagine something along these lines:

I hope you all carved out some time to relax!

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