Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Master on My Mind

Since I spent five hours cutting in yesterday without even getting one roller's worth of paint on the walls, I had a lot of time to daydream about what I wanted the master bedroom to look like. In fact, I was kind of obsessively thinking about it as I discovered yet another corner to cut into or a door to cut in around. (Seriously, are 5 doors really necessary?)

So while I finishing up the painting TODAY - yes, I will finish today or die trying, even if it means Ryan will have to pry the paint roller from one lifeless hand and the paintbrush from the other - I leave you with what's bouncing around in my brain.

Here's my eye on the prize photo.

 High Gloss

I love the mix of beachy driftwood and succulents mixed in with other objects. Could something like this work for either side of the fireplace? 


And this fabric - Thomas Paul's "Dahlia" in Aegean for Duralee - *must* make an appearance somewhere in the room. Pillows? Curtains? Sitting chair fabric?

I am in love! Aqua, grey, and chartreuse used in a modern floral? Ah, yes please! 

Happy paint day Wednesday!

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