Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneak Peek

I am in the midst of three (three!) different projects right now. I am painting everything I can get my hands on. Okay, really I am just painting the master bedroom, two seen-better-days planter boxes that came with the house, and this cylindrical copper object that we found at our old house when we moved in. I am so excited that I really can't post about anything else, so today I thought I would bring you a sneak peek of what I will be posting about in more depth in the days to come.

Here's one of the planter boxes we found in the back yard and will now be using on either side of the front door. Ryan fixed the boards that were loose or had completely fallen off, and I primed them with oil based primer. Now I just have to finalize paint colors and slap on two coats of the chosen paint color.

Next is this cool copper container that we found at our old house when we moved in over 6 years ago. We used it once as a fire pit, which didn't work too well, but over the years it took on this gorgeous patina. After two coats of roofing mastic (translation: tar), it will be home to our lemon tree in the back yard. Only one more coat of mastic to go!

And drumroll please... Here's the god-awful paneling primed with oil based primer. Today (in fact, as soon as I am done posting), the first coast of Crystalline goes up. Hopefully tomorrow I will be done with the second - and fingers crossed, final - coat.

Pictures promised as soon as I finish these projects. Did I mention how much I love spring break?


  1. I can't wait to see the bedroom after the color goes up!!!