Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Does Your Garden Grow? Part II

This weekend we finally got around to planting those straggler veggies and herbs that didn't find a home last weekend after we tore up the front yard.

We planted in an already-in-place planter box in the side yard. (The other side yard opposite the deck.) The side closest to the camera is all herbs (basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley), in the middle we have red leaf and romaine lettuce, and the far side of the planter is broccoli.

In addition, we are trying to start some seeds for next season. (Ryan claims he knows what he is doing; I have no clue.) We are starting with beets because supposedly they are easiest.

Here are our beets, sitting on some stone that we want to (eventually) use to landscape the front and backyards.

So far the front yard garden is growing well. It pretty much still looks just like this, only the tomatoes are a little taller a week later:

Now I just need to DIY some cute stakes (maybe with chalkboard paint), to label all our home grown goods...


  1. I can't see the pics (and I really want to!).It sounds like you guys are busting ass, though, and it will be so exciting when the plants start producing!

  2. Now I can see the pics... Looking great!