Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: Furry Fashion

I was wondering the other day, why do us humans get all the attention on the weeks that I actually get around to writing Fashion Friday posts? So today I thought I would write about what we do to keep the pooches looking posh. No, there will not be any ridiculous pictures of 100 pound dogs in sweaters or rain gear. I am talking about the basics: collars, cute dog tags, and how we keep them relatively clean and shiny.

Here they are last night sharing a bed. (Zoe is the more redder of the two on the left, and Azlan is on the right.) Too precious!

When we moved, both pooches needed new dog tags with our address. I didn't want to spend $10 a tag on the janky looking ones from the big box pet stores, so I went with these beauties from Amazon for almost the same price: $10.95.

Zoe got the purple paw, while Azlan got the black (see him modeling it below). The have a million colors to choose from, by the way.

Zoe also scored a new collar with the move from Pet Co. She has some serious behavior issues - dominance and a recycling campaign that is not appropriate to talk about, even on Earth Day - so I thought a lotus flower collar might make her more Zen and help her embrace some Buddhist philosophies. No luck so far. But it does complement her fiery orange fur. (That should have been a sign people, it should have been a sign...)

Here's another shot of her with her new collar. Don't be fooled by how sweet she looks sleeping; she is playing the princess and the pea on two beds (which you can see in the background of the Azlan pic above).

Azlan's collar is totally faded, but we haven't found another with a design we like half as much, so until we do, he's keeping it. Poor pooch.

Lastly, to keep them smelling so fresh and so clean (for a day), we use the following products:

Buddy Wash is my favorite. I like the Green Tea and Bergamot (the green bottle on the right), although the Lavender and Mint (on the left) is pretty pleasant smelling too. In the middle is a special shampoo for Zoe that we use because of her sensitive skin. It doesn't smell so great, but it works on her doggy dandruff.

So there you have it. A little fashion roundup for our canine friends.

Happy weekend and Easter everyone!

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  1. Very nice! The doggies definitely deserved an entry. That first picture is a great one of them, I love how you can see their ridges.