Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enjoying the View

Christmas, a distant speck in the rear view mirror by now, left us largely unscathed except for a stomach bug I can't seem to shake. (Could it have anything to do with the massive amounts of food we have been surrounded with? Perhaps.) Santa was quite good to us this year. I kept telling family that we are not wanting for anything, except a house...

Well, there's exciting news in that department as well! We went to look at five homes on Christmas Eve, and we were quite taken with the last house we saw: a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1950's ranch with a 1980's addition. It's up on a hill with stunning 180 degree views from the living room, back bedroom, and porch. 

In a move that shocked me, my stoic guy - who is deliberate in every move he makes - decided he wanted to make an offer! So we did yesterday. We will not hear back about our offer until Wednesday at 5 pm, and until then I will be a nervous Nelly. We are thinking it will go to some all cash buyer who will update it's stuck-in-the-70's look, but we are holding out a little hope that it could be ours. I just keep telling myself, "If it is meant to be, it will be." Literally. It's my mantra right now. 

If by some miracle our offer is accepted, things will move quickly; it is a 30 day closing. I am having a seriously hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that there is a (slight) possibility that we could be moving in a month's time. We have been in our current house in 6 and a half years, and while we moved in with almost no furniture or stuff (besides way too many clothes), now we are packed to the gills. So, since I have another two weeks off work and since the new year is approaching, I have made it my mission to purge. Yesterday's project: the hall closet, specifically the shelf that houses our wrapping paper. (I did not think to take a before pic. I will try to get an after shot up today. It will still look sad.) Today: my closet! Wish me luck.

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