Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Rug That Started It All

I'm back as promised with the rug that is serving as our inspiration for twins' nursery.

It's the Dream Menagerie Rug from Anthropologie. It's 5' round, which should be perfect to ground the middle of the room that the nursery will be in. At pretty much $300.00 plus shipping, it's not cheap, but it's 100% wool, so we don't have to worry about the twins (eventually) crawling all over synthetic materials and the chemicals used to process them.

I love the bright, vibrant colors and the giraffe peeking its long neck up from the foliage on the left. Ryan is as smitten as a man can be about a rug with the bright orange lion (his favorite color and animal), which I think is also a sweet homage to our lion hunting pups. (Just to clarify, we don't use them to hunt lions. That's what Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred for.)

The wide color palette means that we can take the room in any direction, and this rug should be suitable for either gender - or both! - once we find out what we're having.

And Anthro has it shown in a shared children's room, so it's nice to see that the rug can grow with the room and the kiddos.

So that's all we have figured out for now. Once we know the genders, I will shift into overdrive putting the palette and the other design elements in place. Only a month to go...

Happy day before Thanksgiving!


  1. Love it too! I would totally put it in my house, but it's perfect for a nursery! These kids are going to be stylin'!