Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nursery for One

When we first decided to start trying, I created this nursery inspiration board that I was quite settled upon, even after we found out we were pregnant. I even went so far as to order the sheets (see below for source info). But once we found out we were having twins, this just didn't feel right anymore. Perhaps because we decided to switch which room the nursery would be in, or perhaps because it just did not feel vibrant enough for the colorful life that would certainly be ours in a matter of months. But I still love elements of it, which will certainly make their way into our twins' nursery, and so I thought I would share.


Crib - Ouef Sparrow Crib in Grey
Plush Giraffe - Fiesta Toys via Amazon
Wall Decals - Elly Elephant and and Gerry Giraffe
Smile Pillow - Honey Pie Designs
Elephant Nightlight - Jonathan Adler
World Pouf - Urban Outfitters
Alphabet Art - Ink Tree Press
Grow Sign - Oh Dier

I'll be back to share the new rug that is our jumping off point for the new direction we are headed with the twins' nursery. Until then, what are your thoughts? Are giraffes and elephants too tired these days? Are themed nurseries too predictable? Or do you have a soft spot for long necks and pachyderms like we do?

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