Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting Progress

I am back - at least for a little while - to share our newly painted entry and dining room. The furniture has yet to be put back in place or styled (we still have to paint the ceiling), so please bear with the blue tape and mud splatters on the floor. Hopefully I will have final reveal pictures for you all early next week.

Here's the entry:

And below is the dining room, which gets a lot more light than the entry, hence the lighter shade of gray.

Here's the opposite wall in the dining room:

Just to recap, we went with Sherwin Williams' Modern Gray which we color matched to Glidden flat interior paint.

The ceilings are next on the to do list. I had initially hoped to cut Modern Gray by 50% (that means half   the paint color, half white), but when I put a test swatch up on the ceiling, it looked too dark and purplish. No bueno.

So back to Home Depot I went looking for whites, and we landed upon Behr's Silver Leaf (a barely-grayish white). We already color matched it to Glidden, so we are all ready to go when we the mood to paint strikes.


  1. i am a new follower! And i love your search for the perfect grey. I am currently searching for that 'special color' too, and will be picking up some samples.