Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 18

I'll be on week 19 tomorrow (the halfway point for me, since I am carrying twins!), but the week 18 update is better late than never.

This has been a week of serious growth. I can feel my skin stretching, so I am just slathering on the oil and lotion in the hopes that I won't get too many stretch marks. The increased pressure on my tummy has been bizarre; not painful, and not too uncomfortable, just odd. Bending down is starting to feel like a full body workout. But I am trying to enjoy it all now, because I know in the not too distant future, it's gonna get worse! 

Oh, and in bittersweet news, my sweet tooth came back just in time for the holidays and three weeks off work. Surely, this can only promote stomach stretching...

Otherwise, I am feeling good. My energy is up, I am not nauseous any more, and the headaches are stable - not better or worse. I'll take it! 

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